Corporate Benefits solutions

Tailor-made Corporate Employee Benefits

Envestpro is an affiliate of Liberty and was established in 1998.

We have 42 Funds under management, +R1 Billion Assets under Management of which 70% of our Corporate funds are International Companies.

Our Envestpro Exco has 83 years of experience in the industry with 112 Professional Financial Advisers in service. Our team is able to speak 7 of the African languages to attend to employees in their language of choice.

We offer Employee Benefits that are aligned with a Company’s Risk Mitigation, Staff Retention and Skills Attraction Strategies.

We strive to become your Preferred ‘One-stop’ Employee Benefits Solutions Partner.

We differentiate ourselves by applying a unique model of benefits that fit your industry, employee profile and strategy, which means that every employee gets appropriate benefits matching their risk profile.

wouldn’t it be great to have funds available to educate orPhans? Part of Liberty’s legacy, is to have introduced the Educator benefit. This benefit is not a savings plan, which may never be sufficient to cover the cost of education – It is a benefit linked to a Life Assured.  It is unique. It pays the deceased parents children’s education for a maximum of 12 Primary and Secondary School years as well as 3 years of Tertiary education to whichever institution the child is accepted. This benefit pays directly to the institution annually and it will refund any school-related costs the remaining parent/guardian incurs. The limits of the benefit is determined annually when the new School fees are published to ensure that the escalation of the benefit is aligned.

When selecting your benefits:

We do research on your –

  1. Industry / competitors
  2. Type of employees / job profiles within your business
  3. Your short term and long-term strategy

We build benefit models based on our research that is –

  • Most suited benefits for the employee profile
  • Assist with retention and attraction of talented staff
    • Adds value and makes sense to you as a company and your strategy. 

We do not only want to offer Effective Corporate Fund Administration but also become a Business Partner in your business.


We understand that a business’ biggest asset is its Human Capital. We also acknowledge that when employees are financially and emotionally stressed, they are unproductive which impacts Company profits directly. Therefore, we designed a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to increase financial literacy knowledge of our members.

Our UVP includes:
  • FREE financial workshops for our Corporate Customers, that enable employees to manage their finances better and result in increased productivity.
  • Strategic Customer Retention

We assisted to add value to your Business and Top Clients by hosting

  • Economic Overviews
  • Financial Orientation Talks
  • Risk Managing in Logistics
  • Corporate Wellness days with CASA
  • Events

As Envestpro Corporate Benefits Solutions, we can fulfil a ONE-STOP Liberty service to our customers which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pension/Provident funds
  • Group Risk Funds
  • Corporate Short-Term Insurance
  • Group Medical Aid benefits
  • Group Medical Insurance Benefits
  • Individual Financial and Investment planning
  • Wills and Trusts

Each of these specialist services are offered by different divisions within Envestpro to benefit Corporate Clients.

We feel honored to have the opportunity to do a Cost and Value Add Services Presentation as well as a proposal where we apply our Methodology to your specific company and prepare a “niche” quote that can provide you with enough insight to make an informed decision on whether your benefits should continue with your current service provider.

WHY funds would change their Financial Adviser is when:

  • No annual reviews have been done on benefits and investment return
  • Better Employee value-added services can be obtained for no extra cost
  • Better benefits could be offered for the same price by and Industry expert

We are not merely Pension fund administrators, We love what we do!

Part of our offering is that we will host Employee Information sessions in each Province where you have branches/ outlets, to ensure that every member understands how their fund works, what benefits they have and when they can claim. This workshop has a duration of 1 ½ hours and will also include basic investment skills.

Our aim is to educate and enable South Africans to make sound financial decisions.

These sessions provide us an opportunity to highlight the benefit of being an employee with your Company. Annual Reviews are compulsory.

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We can offer you advice and administration on:

Employee Group Schemes:

Group and individual Medical Aid Schemes: