Live Life. Breath. Rise and Smile.

Carol Le Grange – Director at Envestpro

Have a blessed Women’s month to all the beautiful women!

Walk tall and be proud of being a Woman!

Summer is creeping closer and soon, we will expose our fair skins, summer outfits and the consequences of our comfort eating and couch exercising. Ouch! I am sure some kind of diet will be doing the rounds before we start to soak up the sun, exercising and the smell of “braaivleis” filling the air over the weekends. Does this sound familiar to you? If you are not one of the normal people that have gained weight and look pale after winter, you are one in a million!

I realised that our winter and financial habits have a lot in common. We do not care about our reserves until it is too late, like employees that do not care what benefits they have or whether it is enough to sustain their lifestyles should something happen to them. Maybe the most concerning to me is that clients are paying towards investments or insurance and do not have a clue how much and what it is for.

In today’s economy where our food prices are on the increase on a monthly basis, we have to be in control of our finances and make smarter financial decisions.

In this edition I will discuss how to get the sun kissed body without harming your skin, how to identify skin cancer as well as great tips on how to prevent being broke in January after the indulgent December break!

Enjoy the change of seasons, may your finances and health blossom in Spring!