• I will be brave and push forward when faced with challenges
  • I will step out of my comfort zone and push the barriers of my capabilities
  • I will lead through actions and not words
  • I will learn from my mistakes
  • I will be brave in the pursuit of excellence


  • I will be consistently honest in everything I do and give my best without expectations
  • I will always stay true to my values, grow and develop
  • I will hold myself accountable for my actions


  • I will always go the extra mile
  • I will commit to my word
  • I pledge my passion and dedication to achieving my goals
  • I will be proactive and realistic
  • I will commit to personal development through continuous self-education


  • I will value and care for others and my environment
  • I will be conscious of how I speak and act
  • I will respect my teams’ time and give everyone the time they require
  • I will be open to others’ opinions and input
  • I will always treat everyone fairly


  • I will celebrate success
  • I will seek solutions
  • I will inspire those around me
  • I will do for others what I would like to be done for me
  • I will always smile


  • I will be honest with myself in terms of how effective I have been
  • I will always remember my why
  • Live life to the fullest and do what you set out to do
  • I will be the best version of myself
  • I will significantly impact the lives around me



  • No matter how successful I am, I will always remember where I started
  • I will be teachable
  • I will be proud yet humble
  • I will take pride in Envestpro and always be an ambassador for the Brand


  • I will identify high value tasks daily and execute consistently
  • I will be disciplined and achieve results
  • I will live a balanced life
  • I will be focused on the moment
  • I will have set structures in place
  • I will adapt to the changing dynamics of the business and the industry
  • I will attend training sessions and apply what has been learnt


  • I will always be presentable, well-mannered and mature
  • I will be upfront and honest
  • I will always do what is right and not be pressured to follow the crowd
  • My professional image will contribute to the overall strength of the team


  • I will welcome new people to Envestpro
  • I will give my best to the team to achieve common goals
  • I will hold my teammates to our culture
  • The united team spirit is our responsibility
  • I will support my team